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Age Range:
12 weeks – 12 months
Areas of Learning:

Language and Communication

Social Stimulation

Motor Skills Development

The Infant Program

The Infant Program is devoted to the concept of “quality care.” In this crucial 1st year of life, we help children develop both their minds and bodies in a safe and healthy environment. Beyond meeting the basic needs for food and diapering, we realize how important it is:

  • To be held, loved, and talked to,
  • To have things to look at, listen to, reach for, feel, smell, taste, and touch,
  • To have things to climb, pull up on, and crawl to,
  • To be read to, sung to, and played with,
  • To begin to participate in games like “peek-a-boo” and “pat-a-cake”,
  • To have opportunities to explore their world,
  • To discover that they can make things happen.


Babies delight in learning about themselves,
their world, and the people 
around them.
It is a very busy year!


Our experienced Infant Teachers are selected for their nurturing qualities, have the energy and enthusiasm to keep babies active and happy, and have a commitment to safety and sanitation in their classroom.

The classroom is bright and cheerful with many interesting toys and objects, soft places for quiet times, and learning spaces for active exploration.

All infants are on their own individual schedules for eating, sleeping, and playing, so our infant room has no set nap time or feeding time. We will give you a daily report of your child’s activities and look forward to ongoing communication about your baby’s development.