About Our Programs

We offer childcare and early education programs for ages 12 weeks - 6 years.

Our programs are designed to build a solid educational foundation that will serve your child in elementary school and beyond! Our InfantJunior Toddler, and Two-Year-Old programs provide an enhanced alternative to traditional daycare centers. For Preschool and Kindergarten families, we work with you and your child to monitor and encourage their development. Your child will receive the attention and education they need to flourish in our safe and caring environment.

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12 weeks – 12 months

The Infant Program is devoted to the concept of “quality care.” In this crucial 1st year of life, we help children develop both their minds and bodies in a safe and healthy environment.

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Junior Toddlers

12 - 24 months

The 2nd year of life is very exciting! Toddlers are explorers and scientists. They are on missions all day long to see what they can find, and to find out how it works. They are developing and perfecting their new skills of walking, running, and climbing and spending endless hours practicing these and other small and large motor skills.

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24 - 36 months

During their 3rd year, children develop rapidly and dramatically. They now not only understand what is said to them, but they can use words to communicate their thoughts and feelings. They enjoy playing alongside and cooperating with other children their age and are becoming increasingly more independent.

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Preschool / Pre-K

3 - 4 years

If we were to have one goal in our Preschool Program, it would be to nurture and facilitate the children’s creativity. Creativity is an instinct born in each of us, which we use to solve and express life’s problems.

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4 – 6 years

Kindergarten Club is a program that is designed to help your child become more comfortable with the transition into Kindergarten, to fine tune the skills necessary to enter elementary school, and to celebrate this upcoming special milestone in a variety of fun and challenging ways.

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Summer Program

Infants - Kindergarten

From swimming and Fun Fridays to learning centers activities, our school provides children with a multitude of fun experiences that enrich learning and keep them busy and happy.

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Special Programs

Infants - Kindergarten

We’ll keep your child busy year-round with music classes, swimming lessons, field trips, Spanish lessons, Special Visitors & Programs!