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We love hearing from our parents! If you have any feedback or words of thanks that you would like to share with us, please feel out the form below. If you’re looking for a preschool for your child, we are also happy to connect you with one of our current parents via e-mail or phone so you can get their feedback on what we believe is the top preschool around!

Sending our son to BCSYC has been one of the best decisions we’ve made as parents. The level of attention and care he receives far exceeded my initial expectation. He is so excited to go school everyday to see his friends and teachers. His teachers are so in tune to what he needs developmentally and they’ve nurtured his growth at every stage. We couldn’t be happier!

Sarah Mainhart 5 stars - Excellent

BCSYC is the best preschool in the Lower Merion area. The minute you join, you truly become part of the family. The teachers, the administrators and the parents all work together to make each student feel special. If you are looking for somewhere to send your kids where you can feel comforted all day that they are in good hands, this is your place. BCSYC has the personal, human element that I find missing in many organizations and is so important for young children.

Gloria H. 5 stars - Excellent

When it came time for our daughter to start daycare, we asked neighbors, colleagues and friends for recommendations. A neighbor told us that the best school that he has been inside was The Bala Cynwyd School for Young Children. Therefore, my husband and I scheduled a tour of the school. Since we are both educators, we thought that finding the perfect school for our daughter would be difficult. However, we were wrong. We fell in love with BCSYC on our first visit. The student work on the walls was authentic and the staff were all actively engaged with the children. Our daughter has learned a plethora of things since she started including cooperative play, letter identification, sounds, numbers, writing, the seasons, and much more. In addition, she is learning to swim and speak Spanish. While all of these things are important, on the top of our list of favorites is that she has acquired a passion for school and gaining knowledge. She has developed friendships in a nurturing and caring environment. We could not be happier to be a part of an inclusive environment where the staff supports the needs of all learners.

Fatima R. 5 stars - Excellent

It doesn’t get better than BCSYC! I sent both of my children to BCSYC for many years – my son attended the school from 1 year old through kindergarten and my daughter attended from the infant room through 5 years old.

I cannot say enough positive things about the school! The curriculum is absolutely phenomenal! Both of my children were beyond prepared when they left and they were far ahead of their classmates when they started their next school. And somehow Bala managed to teach them in a way that was fun and had both of my kids excited to go to school every day! The field trips were outstanding – appropriate to the curriculum themes, furthering the kids’ education in a fun and interactive way. I was particularly impressed with how much all of the children learned about other cultures, nationalities and religions. The teachers were enthusiastic, loving, and encouraging. The buildings create a loving, fun campus for the kids. In the summer, the camp is absolutely outstanding! Fun, while still working in educational themes when possible.

I have lived in many different cities and been exposed to many different daycares/preschools/schools. My mother is also a retired teacher. I can honestly say, that BCSYC is a top facility, with an outstanding curriculum, amazing staff, and an incredible place to send your children.

Lesli E.

BCSYC is such an amazing place for children! My child has blossomed so much since starting here in June 2014. She loves coming to school every day. Her teachers are so great. We couldn’t ask for a better place to send our daughter.

Joe G.

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