Enrollment Process

Enrollment Process

Welcome To Our School – The School is committed to an atmosphere that welcomes children and families and provides support through the stages of child development and the family’s involvement with the School. (note: throughout the School’s written materials, the use of “family” and “parents” includes any applicable legal guardian of a child). We hope that you will join us and be apart of our School family for many years as your child/children grows and develops.

Communication – The Parent/Staff Partnership is an important component of the Program. Children show the greatest gains when a strong partnership exists between a school and parents. Communication is an important part of our relationship. Our on-going communication with you will include: opportunities for short chats at drop-off and pick-up; daily information sheets for infants and toddlers; daily highlight sheets posted in Preschool and Kindergarten classes; telephone conversations; meetings and conferences; flyers and letters in your child’s cubby; and email. Feel free to contact a Director at any time with questions, concerns, recommendations, etc.

The primary language spoken at the School is English. Some members of the Staff are bi-lingual and fluent in Korean, Greek, Albanian, Italian, Russian or Spanish. Our parent body is culturally diverse representing many languages including Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Russian, Greek, Albanian, etc. If requested, the School will make every attempt to provide a translator in your preferred language during a tour and subsequent conversations and conferences, and to provide translated materials.

Registration – If, after touring the facility, you choose to enroll, please submit the following to the School:

  • The Application for Enrollment / Waiting List,
  • The applicable Tuition Agreement(s),
  • The Registration Fee and Advance (deposit), if applicable.

Enrollment – You may be contacted by phone to discuss availability, schedule preferences, etc. If space is available at the requested time of enrollment, the School will mail the following:

  • A Welcome Letter that confirms admission, the start date, schedule and any monies due.
  • Parent Partnership Handbook/Supplements– delineates important aspects of the Program.
  • Administrative Forms, as follows:

o Emergency Contact/ Parental Consent Form – Includes your authorization for persons other than parents to escort your child from the School, allergies, permissions (including one for access to child’s health/personal file), etc. The completed Form is required before your child is left at the School the first time. Parents are strongly encouraged to immediately update this Form with changes as they occur. We require that you review and update it twice each year. Please note that we will only release your child to persons specifically authorized by you in writing. Arrangements for emergency escorts must be handled through special procedures with a Director.

o Child Health Appraisal Form – Due no later than 30 days after the start date. Children need to be immunized according to the schedule of CDC ACIP, with regular well visits as determined by the child’s physician.

o Child Information Form – Preferred at the time of your child’s first visit.

o Special Care Form – For children whose care requires other than typical consideration. This should be completed in conjunction with your child’s health care provider(s). If you identify that your child has special needs, the Director or her Designee will meet with you to review your child’s care requirements. The School does not discriminate on the basis of special needs. The Program accepts children with special needs, as long as a safe, supportive environment can be provided for the child within the resources and staffing of the School and consistent with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Director and Staff will participate in meetings with outside service providers and in the development and implementation of IEP’s, IFSP’s and other individualized plans.

Confidentiality – The information you provide on these Forms, as well as other information that may be subsequently added to your child’s file, will remain confidential and will be shared with other caregivers only as required to meet your child’s needs and only with Parental permission. The file, however, must be available to regulatory officials, if requested. All information concerning your child and family, compiled by the School, will only be accessible to the parent or legal guardian. Files are maintained in the School office in a locked file cabinet. However, The Emergency Contact Form is also maintained in a file in the classroom, and in the classroom’s first-aid kit, accessible to Staff with your permission.

Orientation – A visiting day to meet with your child and you will be scheduled at your convenience. Our purpose is to welcome and acquaint your family with the environment, Staff, schedule, and other pertinent information related to the school day and child-care.

Each child will spend some time at the School with a family member before remaining in care without a family member. The School prefers an admission process that allows for the child to gradually become comfortable with the classroom, children and Teachers. The length of time appropriate for the 1st visit will be determined with the family based upon the child’s age, experience in a similar program, and level of difficulty separating from parents. Initial visits can vary from 10 minutes to three hours. Subsequent visits for longer duration are arranged as deemed appropriate by the family and Staff.

While your child is visiting in the classroom, you will have the opportunity to meet with a Director/Assistant Director, review documents, and discuss any questions.

First Conference – We are anxious to really get to know your child and work together with you in partnership as he/she grows and develops. We will make arrangements to meet with you sometime in the first 30-90 days after admission to review how things are going, share developmental information, obtain your feedback, and just have a few minutes to chat.