Parent Involvement in the Program

Parent Involvement in the Program

Feel free to visit the school at any time. You will have door access chips that allow you to enter throughout the day. Families are invited to visit the school at their convenience and to participate in the school program as much as their schedule allows. Some suggestions include:

  • Come in to read the class a story
  • Teach a dance
  • Make a holiday or ethnic recipe
  • Accompany the class on a field trip
  • Help with lunch or snack
  • Help with a party or event
  • Talk about your career or hobby
  • Do a woodworking or building project with a group
  • Teach a game
  • Show the children how to kick a soccer ball or throw a basketball
  • Go into the pool with us

Your active involvement in an activity is preferable to simple observation which often seems more difficult for your own child. Talk with the teacher to explore other ideas for involvement.

Staff and families work together to plan events. Families’ schedules and availability are considered as part of this planning. In the past these have included baby and wedding showers, Mother’s and Father’s Day breakfasts, a family Barbecue/Carnival, etc. We welcome your leadership or volunteer efforts in any endeavors like this.

The school facilitates opportunities for families to meet with one another on a formal and informal basis, work together on projects to support the program, and learn from and provide support for each other. With your permission, your telephone numbers and email addresses are published to other families in a School Directory to facilitate contact and communication. The school year begins with an Open House, one of the purposes of which is to meet and make connections with other families.

We look forward to your sharing any information you’d like with us, that might be helpful in adapting the classroom program, environment, curriculum, and teaching methods to best meet your child’s and families needs. This can happen in informal discussions at drop-off and pick-up, sit down meetings, or on our  Child Information Forms.

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