Communicating with Staff


Because time to talk is often limited on both sides, the staff at Bala Cynwyd School for Young Children offers the following:

  • Post a daily bulletin in older children’s classrooms summarizing the major activities of the day, including special songs and stories. Infants and young toddlers receive a daily individualized report.
  • Hold a Back to School Night early in the fall to acquaint you with the curriculum and activities of the new school year.
  • Post the snacks served each day with the daily highlights.
  • Talk with you as much as possible at drop-off and pick-up times to let you know what’s happening. Please recognize that supervision of the children must be our first priority.
  • Hold bi-annual conferences to update you on your child’s progress and solicit your input on how the program is meeting your child’s needs. Naturally, we’ll be happy to arrange other conference times upon request.
  • Telephone you if your child seems ill or we have other concerns.
  • Provide notices in your classroom mailbox, as well as email.
  • Schedule seminars on parenting topics of interest.
  • Provide a directory of parent names, phone numbers and addresses of other children in the class.
  • Provide a calendar of upcoming dates and events.

Parents and teachers must work together as a team in order to accomplish our common objective of giving every child the best.


Telephone Tips

We’d like you to feel comfortable about calling the school when necessary to check on your child. However, please recognize that each call interrupts the teacher’s time with the children, so we ask you to be as brief as possible. We can schedule a time to talk further during rest time, if necessary.

In order to get your child’s teacher as quickly as possible, use the Parent Lines:

  • Infant & Toddler Classrooms 610-668-0439
  • Preschool & Kindergarten Classrooms 610-668-1318

If we must allow the machine to answer, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Let us know if:

  • Your child is going to be absent because of illness, vacation, etc. It is especially important that we know about communicable illnesses.
  • You’d like to make arrangements for a birthday celebration. We encourage nutritious treats with minimal sugar content.
  • Your child will be picked up by someone other than a usual escort with whom we are familiar. See “Release of Children.”



The Director is always available to discuss issues of child growth and development. Many parents experience challenges with toilet training or guiding behavior as children develop. Please do not hesitate to request a meeting or telephone conversation.

We want to make our partnership with you a happy, productive, and accommodating experience. There are times, however, in any partnership, when differences need to be addressed. We find that most issues can be resolved by open communication between parents and staff. Throughout our history, we have grown as an organization by recognizing and resolving the issues brought to us by parents.

  • If you have a problem with a classroom or office staff person and do not feel comfortable addressing them directly, the Director is more than happy to meet with you to discuss the issue, collect further information, if necessary, through observation, and handle the matter, in a confidential manner if appropriate, with the staff person.
  • In other instances, a facilitated conversation between the Director, parent and staff person is helpful.
  • If you would like to discuss an issue related to our philosophy, policies, or procedures, members of our administrative team will be open to hearing your point of view and will make every attempt to negotiate a solution, that fits within the framework of our mission and needs for consistent and financially responsible administrative practices.



Staff are not permitted to be employed by families of children in their current class. Parents who make personal arrangements to employ other school staff for childcare or other help outside of the employees’ scheduled work hours, do so at their own risk. Bala Cynwyd School for Young Children assumes no responsibility for such arrangements and makes no claims or warranties as to staff competence or reliability for such arrangements. School insurance does not cover the transportation of children in staff vehicles except in emergency medical situations which occur while the child is attending the school program. Parents take all responsibility in making personal employment and transportation arrangements with school staff.

The school’s Policy Manual addresses many policies applicable to staff. Some may impact the parents’ use of staff. Since the school’s policies will take precedence, parents should check with the school’s administration if there are any questions.

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