Parent Partnership Handbook

Parent Partnership Handbook

A guide to understanding how we operate and how you can help

teacherandgirlChildren show the greatest gains when a strong partnership exists between a school and parents. That partnership includes communication, cooperation, and consistency.

By choosing the Bala Cynwyd School for Young Children, we believe you’ve chosen the best for your child. But we also know that an outstanding program is not enough by itself. We want to work together with you throughout these early years to facilitate every aspect of your child’s development including the emotional, the social, the intellectual and the physical.

We’ve developed this guide to detail aspects of parent cooperation that are necessary for us to provide all of our children with an exceptional program and experience within a safe and healthy environment.

If you have a problem with any of our policies or procedures, please speak to a Director. We’ll do anything we can to find a solution that doesn’t compromise our standards for your child’s program.

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